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Most agents do not teach their clients how to make rational real estate decisions. Prior to real estate, I spent nearly two decades in river conservation, helping some of our nation's leading CEOs meaningfully invest in rivers and fish. I was uncommonly successful because I understood that everyone needs framework to evaluate opportunities outside of their expertise... just like with real estate. 

There is good reason I was able to earn the trust of some of the most successful individuals in the nation: I care deeply that you understand HOW to make sound decisions. It's why I focus on first-time buyers. Whether you are a first-time buyer, or a seasoned homeowner who appreciates honest advocacy, I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust, too. 

Hi, I’m Libby, a 4th-generation Coloradan. I specialize in helping first-time buyers and those who want to leverage real estate to build the life they want OUTSIDE of their home.

I'm also a personal finance geek, conservationist, and angler

“Libby is one of the most ethical and intelligent real estate agents in the industry. Many agents would prefer their inspector gloss over problems so that their client will finalize the home sale. Not Libby, she insists on a thorough inspection so she can walk her clients through every issue with the house, in order to help them understand the potential liabilities so they can make the best decision for their situation.... I cannot recommend Libby enough to assist with your real estate needs."

Rick Moore, Sherlock Homes (140+ 5-star  reviews)

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In spite of some missed opportunities, my family made several wise decisions with our first home. When we sold it, we gained what I like to call "financial freeboard" - enough financial cushion to bring flexibility to our lives and weather the storms caused by unexpected events. 

Frankly, we got lucky because of timing. I want you to intentionally aim for "financial freeboard" and I will help you frame your thinking to be sure you're pointing in the right direction! 

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Let's talk about how we can make your first home affordable. I can help you explore first-time buyer programs, house-hacking, and make sure your budget reflects where you want to be in 10 years.

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"We lived in England before moving to Colorado and I came out for a few days in the spring to meet my future employer and look at homes. From the moment I met Libby I knew I could unquestionably trust her, which was especially important since we knew we would ultimately purchase a home site unseen!"

Liz, Air Force Veteran

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