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Most agents do not teach their clients how to make rational real estate decisions. Prior to real estate, I spent nearly two decades in river conservation, helping some of our nation's leading CEOs meaningfully invest in rivers and fish. I was uncommonly successful because I understood that everyone needs a framework to evaluate opportunities outside of their expertise... just like with real estate. 

There is good reason I was able to earn the trust of some of the most successful individuals in the nation: I care deeply that you understand HOW to make sound decisions and what questions to ask as you evaluate properties. Whether you are a first-time buyer, or a seasoned homeowner who appreciates honest advocacy, I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust, too. 

Hi, I’m Libby. I specialize in helping first-time buyers and sellers, and those who want to leverage real estate to build the life they want OUTSIDE of their home.

I'm also a personal finance geek, conservationist, and angler

"As a single woman looking for a house on my own, I needed more than a realtor - I needed a partner. Libby was exactly that! She noticed details and potential problems with houses that I never would have noticed. She asked great questions and listened intently to understand what I wanted and the types of houses that would be a good fit for my lifestyle. She was patient with my search - and then when we did find my house, she had a great offer strategy. Libby goes above and beyond to find you a home that makes your heart happy - and is a sound, practical decision as well. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a realtor!"

Heather W.

"We sold our house with Libby in 2023. Libby did a wonderful job in the face of an ill-timed hail storm while under contract. With Libby's help, we managed to stay on track with our aggressive 2ish week close and get a new roof put on within 9 days! Libby is extremely detail-oriented and conscientious. This was our first time selling and we're super thankful for her shepherding us through the process."

Nick E.

"Libby far exceeded my expectations. After selling a property on my own I wasn't sure I'd use an agent again. I met Libby at an open house last fall and it was clear she would represent my interests and motivations. As a process- oriented person, Libby didn't disappoint - on our first outing she thoroughly explained her process and how we'd look at houses together. As we looked at properties, she tracked my reactions in a binder allowing us to quickly zero in on what would work best for me. She's proven herself to be responsible, thorough, and professional. She found what I was after, helped me win against the competition, and negotiated a better deal once under contract. Overall, Libby brings a wealth of knowledge and knowhow to the home buying process, and more importantly, is a great person to work with. I would happily work with her again."

Garrett L.

"We lived in England before moving to Colorado and I came out for a few days in the spring to meet my future employer and look at homes. From the moment I met Libby I knew I could unquestionably trust her, which was especially important since we knew we would ultimately purchase a home site unseen!"

Liz, Air Force Veteran

"I closed on a home recently and I'm so pleased Libby helped me get here. Libby is a knowledgeable, systematic, and thoughtful guide for any home buyer/seller. She assigned homework before we met to explore and understand my real estate needs, and created a binder about me that came to every home tour. I was impressed with how she guided both our collective thinking and our approach. Libby took detailed notes at each property to help me analyze and compare homes. On the rare occasions I considered making an offer on a house that was outside what I had been seeking, Libby gently reined me back in with assurances--and data--that we would find the right house at the right price if we were patient and diligent.."

Monica R.

"Libby has been so wonderful to me as a first time home buyer. She has helped me to understand each part of the process and also listens to what I am looking for. Would highly recommend to anyone!"

Brad K.

"Libby was a delight to meet and showed a strong interest in the type of real estate I was looking for. She was very creative and worked hard to make a unique offer that could satisfy both the seller and myself. She was very experienced and knowledgable about the real estate market in Longmont and the ongoing real estate changes going on. I would highly recommend working with Libby on your next real estate project."

Viki M.

"Libby has been extremely helpful, thoughtful, and knowledgeable with the whole process of home buying. From providing details for months prior to the timeframe I wanted to purchase while I was in TN to knowing all the minute details when walking through potential homes. Nothing goes unnoticed with her and she is delightful to work with on top of her skill set. I highly recommend anyone looking to purchase or sell a home to contact Libby to make this process easier."

Hannah B.

"Libby has gone above and beyond during the house hunting process! She is incredibly thorough, kind, and knowledgeable about buying a home in CO. She pointed things out in homes that my spouse and I would have never considered, and I am so grateful she helped us find our dream home! She has kept us up to date on homes for the past year since we live out of state, and she was so patient while we looked for the perfect house. I cannot recommend Libby enough! If you are looking to buy or sell a home, don’t pass up Libby!"

Sarah D.

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In spite of some missed opportunities, my family made several wise decisions with our first home. We started with rational budgeting, focusing on long-term goals. When we sold it, we gained what I like to call "financial freeboard" - enough financial cushion to bring stability to our lives and weather the storms caused by unexpected events. 

Houses frame our lives, and they can also bring financial stability to your household - but only if you buy intelligently. If you buy a "lemon" the house can have the opposite effect. I don't want you to buy a lemon!

“Libby is one of the most ethical and intelligent real estate agents in the industry. Many agents would prefer their inspector gloss over problems so that their client will finalize the home sale. Not Libby, she insists on a thorough inspection so she can walk her clients through every issue with the house, in order to help them understand the potential liabilities so they can make the best decision for their situation.... I cannot recommend Libby enough to assist with your real estate needs."

Rick Moore, Sherlock Homes (140+ 5-star  reviews)

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Let's talk about how we can make your first home affordable. I can help you explore first-time buyer programs, house-hacking, and ways to make sure your budget reflects where you want to be in 10 years.

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