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New opportunity for buyers

The recent shift in the housing market means there is more opportunity for first-time buyers. How exciting!

It's possible (for the first time since ~2017) to avoid things like waiving inspections or paying more than the listing price. Phew! 

What's more, because there are fewer people competing, sellers are considering offers they might not have in spring 2022, including offers using a USDA, FHA, or VA loan.*

USDA loans, for example, do not require a down payment and offer a fixed interest rate that is lower than comparable conventional loans. My family would not have delayed home ownership for 8 years to save for a down payment had we known these loans existed!

If you want to work with a budget-focused professional who understands the thinking that will make a first-time buyer successful, let's talk.

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* If these terms are confusing, don't worry, part of my job is to help you understand them! And I will make sure to connect you with a trusted lender who can review a range of options with you ; )

My approach to guarding your sanity and your pocketbook

1. Initial consultation... You might not want to move for 2 years - or you might not be sure you are ready to be a homeowner. My expertise is helping you plan for long-term success. It's not too early to take the first step. 

2. Refine your why, where, and when... You don't need to have precise answers to these questions, but your timeline will guide our pace. 

3. Rational Budgeting... Clients choose me to help them stay on budget and balance their real estate dreams with their future goals. Lenders can tell you how much home you can afford. Working with me, we will also focus on how owning a home fits with your plans for life outside of your home.  

4. Opening Doors... With financing secured, we enter what I call the calibration phase. We will tour homes to hone-in on what makes sense for your next move, and find a house to make an offer on when you are ready. 

5. Write your offer... Your offer becomes the contract to purchase the house; it needs to be excellent. I will ensure that the offer we write has the best possible chance of being accepted, while staying within your budget.

... there's more... a lot more, actually... from inspections (I can connect you to qualified inspectors who document even the hairline cracks), to negotiations (did I mention I've led face-to-face, successful negotiations with CEOs of companies whose products you use every day?)... but I imagine you'd rather spend your time enjoying Colorado's beautiful Front Range than reading my website. Let's be efficient and have a quick, no-obligation call to explore how we can work together. 

It all starts with a phone call. Schedule yours today.

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