Transitioning From your
well-loved home

Moving is hard, but some stressors are entirely avoidable

Selling a house is an inherently stressful transition. When you work with me I coordinate with over a dozen vendors on your behalf, and remain your only point of contact. Have you ever called customer service and selected a dozen extensions, and waited on hold for 2o minutes...only to reach someone who reads you scripted answers? It can be maddening.

Working with me as you transition from your well-loved home ensures you have a single point of contact during the process. I bring you the resources you need to make the transition seamless. You will never feel like you're being passed around between parties, none of whom hold the entire vision of what needs to happen. I can bring in folks to help you decide the next best move, and coordinate everyone from downsizers, to packers, to movers, to painters and flooring specialists and more...if you need it, I help ensure you get it.

Let's find a time to sit down and understand what will make this transition a successful one for you. me any time.