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I know you want to ask, so let's clear the air. The market changed in summer 2022, and houses are not selling as quickly as they were. While it might be tempting for budget-focused homeowners to try to sell their homes themselves to save perhaps $15,000 in fees, doing so will cost you.

It will cost you $. Estimates vary, but in Boulder County, owner-sold homes sell for ~$50,000 less than agent-brokered homes - even more when selling as-is.

It exposes you to more risk. When I list your home, I manage the process to reduce your legal exposure.  

It will gobble up your time. If you've lived in your home for decades, wouldn't you want to work with someone who can bring in partners to help you prioritize and sort what moves to your next house?

It will erode your sanity. You might be an excellent project manager, but do you have the bandwidth to take on another full-time job? Organization is my superpower, and I love helping others. Let me save you from coordinating home showings, multiple moves, and more... while ensuring that you get the most profit possible at sale. 

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To sell then buy...
or to buy then sell... What works better?

As with so many things, it depends on your circumstances! However, many people prefer to buy then sell. It is easier now than it has ever been to buy your next house before moving out of your current one.

Time to curate... If the home that suits your season of life is smaller, I can connect you to trusted partners to assist with the hard work of prioritizing and curating the collection of belongings that moves with you. What does not come with you can be donated, auctioned, or sold at an estate sale. If you'd like, they can pack you up and move you into your next place - complete with placing beloved artwork in the same place over the couch, and replicating the organization of your last kitchen.   

Modern financing... You don't have to pay for, or qualify to carry, two mortgages at once. I can recommend lenders who offer specialized services such as providing a loan for your new home while taking over the payments on your old one for up to 6 months.

No-hiccup move... Getting settled into a home that suits your season of life is a luxury you can afford. You don't have to rush to sell your prior home, and you don't have to rely on short term rentals in the interim.

Modern refresh.... The old adage that you need to spend money to make money can be true in real estate. While some updates will cost you more than you can recoup, I can advise you on approaches for a selective, profitable refresh. I can also manage the entire process for you while you're busy enjoying your new home - and you won't have to pay for the work until you sell.

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