With a degree in economics and 20 years in nonprofit leadership, I shifted to real estate. I'd heard from too many friends that regretted buying their home and never trusted their agent. Moreover, as the mom of an autistic child I know how hard it is to translate sensory needs to those who don't routinely consider them. I firmly believe everyone deserves assertive protection and benefits from a sensory-smart approach when buying and selling real estate.

I may be the only professional on your team that you'll interact with face to face. You may never meet your loan officer, inspector, insurance agent...and may not even meet your title representative before closing. It is crucial for these individuals to work well together, and that they share the same level of dedication to you as I do. As the hub of your real estate team and your "coach", I connect you with other professionals that I trust to represent you with unwavering integrity. I know from my own experience, prior to becoming an agent, how badly things can go when all members of the team are not working in coordination!

It's important to me that you know the right questions to ask so you can be successful. Not everyone should be a homeowner right now, and not every homeowner should consider selling... but everyone who wants to make a move should understand how to evaluate their options. 

Let's skip the mistakes and start building your future!

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You can expect me to partner with you with the same patience, persistence, and precision I dedicate to fly fishing... and I promise that we'll have fun along the way.

"In spite of how hard it was to get under contract in this market, Libby encouraged us to consider the costs of fixing the hidden issues that came up on the inspection and didn’t pressure us to complete the purchase. We ended up buying a different house and can look back now with appreciation for her willingness to put our needs before her commission."

Bailey R.

"Libby has been extremely helpful, thoughtful, and knowledgeable with the whole process of home buying. From providing details for months prior to the timeframe I wanted to purchase while I was in TN to knowing all the minute details when walking through potential homes. Nothing goes unnoticed with her and she is delightful to work with on top of her skill set. I highly recommend anyone looking to purchase or sell a home to contact Libby to make this process easier."

Hannah B.

"Libby has gone above and beyond during the house hunting process! She is incredibly thorough, kind, and knowledgeable about buying a home in CO. She pointed things out in homes that my spouse and I would have never considered, and I am so grateful she helped us find our dream home! She has kept us up to date on homes for the past year since we live out of state, and she was so patient while we looked for the perfect house. I cannot recommend Libby enough! If you are looking to buy or sell a home, don’t pass up Libby!"

Sarah D.

"We sold our house with Libby in 2023. Libby did a wonderful job in the face of an ill-timed hail storm while under contract. With Libby's help, we managed to stay on track with our aggressive 2ish week close and get a new roof put on within 9 days! Libby is extremely detail-oriented and conscientious. This was our first time selling and we're super thankful for her shepherding us through the process."

Nick E.

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Your Budget-Minded Coach

My role is to serve my clients through a commitment to rational budgeting that prioritizes your financial goals. First-time buyers and sellers often feel burdened by HUGE decisions that are completely new to them...What kind of loan secure?...Where to buy?... How to evaluate an offer? As your coach, I decode the complexities and keep us focused on what matters most. 

I am more than willing to discourage buyers from buying and sellers from selling, when the timing or other substantial aspects of a transaction are not aligned with their goals.  It's how I sleep at night. I'm not a mom to my clients, but I work to protect them like I am.

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step aside, bullies

I’m a Longmont-born real estate broker, specializing in meeting the needs of first-time buyers and sellers. A home is the largest asset most people will own, and first-time buyers and sellers are especially vulnerable to predatory practices. That's not OK, and I've never been one to stand by when others were treated poorly. 

On the bus ride home from Hygiene when I was 6, a girl made fun of my sister. When we exited at our mutual bus stop, I let the (older, stronger) girl know that her unkindness was unacceptable. She hit me so hard that blood stained my parka.

The lesson I should have learned was to stay safe and keep my mouth shut. That’s not what I learned, though.

In 3rd grade, I attempted to glue a boy to his chair for hitting my friend on the playground. In middle school, I wrote a letter to a teacher, demanding that he stop yelling at us so we could concentrate on the material. In high school, I stepped between a student who didn’t speak English and the bully who was attempting to take his spot in the computer lab.

I believe we have an obligation to stand for what is right, protect those who are not in a position to protect themselves, and give generously to others. It inspired me to become a Big Sister, Court Appointed Special Advocate, AmeriCorps service member, foster parent...

...and now... the real estate agent I needed to buy and sell my first home.

Libby earthman's Approach to

down-to-earth real estate

After nearly 20 years in nonprofit leadership, including seven years as a leading fundraiser for  Trout Unlimited, I turned to real estate. I wanted to bring my negotiation, finance, and executive experience to safeguard clients during the momentous transactions of buying and selling their homes. 

I know what it's like, as a first-time buyer and seller, to be unsure of whom to trust. You deserve a professional partner focused on protecting your interests. I am a personal finance nerd. As such, I will never tell you what to do, but I will always encourage you to explore the financial impact of your decisions on your long-term goals - often by asking you questions you didn't know to consider.  

I also bring a unique understanding of neurodiversity to serving my clients. As the proud parent of an autistic childI understand that moving means different things to different people - and that the details of the transition impact the felt-safety of sensitive nervous systems.  

Is it important to you or someone in your home that the photos over your couch are hung in the same pattern in your new home, or that your medicine cabinet is organized the same way?

No need to explain: I already understand why.

I would love to tell you more about the way I work with my clients, and what you can expect from our partnership. 

When I am not with clients, I spend as much time as possible fishing, camping, gardening, serving on the Board of Saint Vrain Anglers (a chapter of Trout Unlimited) and volunteering with TLC Learning Center (formerly Tiny Tim). When I can twist my husband’s arm, you can also find us undertaking DIY home improvement projects.

I’d love to tell you more about how I make buying and selling your home a process you can enjoy. You'll have me by your side at every step...even if I need to glue some bullies to their chairs!

It would be an honor to learn how I can help you.

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Meet Mindy!

Meet Mindy Jensen, my real estate partner. Mindy and I met through our mutual devotion to budgeting and frugality. How many times in your life can you say that?! It's odd but true.

In addition to being a real estate broker, Mindy is a nationally renowned leader in the "Financial Independence, Retire Early" (FIRE) community. She co-hosts a weekly finance podcast with hundreds of thousands of devotees where she interviews thought leaders in personal finance - the likes of which include former regional Presidents of the Federal Reserve. Mindy also manages the nation's largest online education forum for real estate investing, and has been leveraging the power of real estate investing for decades. 

Mindy lives in Longmont with her family, where they are currently drowning in the chaos of a complete remodel... their 8th "live-in flip" to date. She swears she will never do it again, though time will tell. 

I can thank Mindy for pulling me into partnership, as she was seeking a partner who shares her unwavering devotion to protecting clients above commissions. Mindy and I work in close partnership in nearly all of our real estate transactions. For you, this means that if I'm ever unavailable, I have a trusted partner who will help and treat you as I do.