8 Surprising Secrets for Buying a Home In Northern Colorado

Buying Homes in Colorado

Buying your first home can be confusing and even intimidating at times. It’s perfectly okay to find yourself outside of your comfort zone.

My goal is to make you more comfortable and that starts with making you a more confident and knowledgeable homebuyer.

This is the first in my 8-post series on buying your first home. They are a good overview about things you should think about and consider before you begin a serious search for a home. Everyone needs to prep themselves before embarking on something new, right?

By reading these articles, you’ll become a more attuned buyer who understands that buying a home doesn’t have to be stressful or full of regret.

Let’s get started with a rundown of each article for our series:

Surprising Attributes that Make a Good First Home

Your first home won’t likely be your last home, so knowing how to choose what will make a good first home can be confusing. In this article I lay out how I suggest you think about your first home purchase so you can set the stage for financial security.

Go With the Flow of the Market

Just like fishing, you’ve got to learn about the natural ebb and flow of the market and what to expect when. Buying a home requires an understanding of not only the seasonal shifts in market activity but also the weekly flow of the market. You need to change tactics depending on the season and I’ll break it all down for you and tell you exactly when the tide is coming in.

My Buyers’ Most Frequently Asked Questions

The questions swirling around in your mind are likely the same ones that every buyer wants to ask, too. You want to make sure you don’t do something wrong, right? Or, you might worry that you don’t know what you don’t know? I provide answers to some of the most common questions I get AND you’ll become better informed and more reassured.

Do you really need to put 20% down?

You don’t need to put 20% down on your first house (paying for 20% of the house, and getting a loan for the rest of the purchase price). In fact, sometimes you don’t need to put anything down! It all depends on what you intend to purchase, where, and your goals. We put 20% down on our first house, but wish we had not.

Little-Known House Hunting Tips

But even though you’ll feel like you’re house hunter on an episode of HGTV, it’s still time to be strategic. I’ll tell you about two little-known things you should do, and two things you shouldn’t do when house hunting.

Red Flags to Avoid When Buying a Home

No home is perfect, but our list of hidden red flags could save you in the long run. You might be surprised by what to look out for before you make an offer. I’ll explain how to know the difference between a red flag and when to waive the white flag in surrender and move on to another, better home.

The “Paradox of Choice”

As a buyer you might find yourself “wanting to see everything” in your price range or needing to look at “just one more” house or condo. More is not always better, and you’ll soon learn why!

Did you know that some normal — even otherwise harmless everyday activities — could hurt your chances of buying your dream home? I’ll tell you exactly how you can avoid common slip-ups that might take you out of the homeownership game.

What NEVER to Do Before Buying a Home

I’ll remind you of this one we get you under contract to purchase your first home…but this is a great time to start thinking about how to successfully close on your first home. Hint: it has to do with being boring.

If you need more context, please reach out to me.

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