Reverse 911 in Boulder and Larimer Counties

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No Landline? Register your cell phone to receive emergency alert calls

An old touch tone phone pad is shown with the words written on it: Does your home have a landline

Only 40% of US households still have a landline, making it very hard for first responders to send reverse 911 calls to the community during an emergency, including in fire-prone Boulder and Larimer counties. During the Marshall Fire in late 2021, first responders had to go house-to-house alerting residents because registration for reverse 911 in Boulder County had been fairly low.

I remember the days when I used to talk to friends for ages on our old, corded phone. I’d wrap the spiraled cord around my finger until it turned purple while I strained to get as far out of earshot as the cord would allow. Nowadays, my kiddo can video call live with technology that fits in my pocket — it’s even better than the Jetsons imagined!

While the age of corded phones fades into the past know that if your home does not utilize a landline you may not be reachable by emergency services during when they need to contact you.

Reverse 911 in Boulder and Larimer Counties

Phone numbers used to be more tied to geographies than they are now. You used to know that if you called a given phone number, it would ring at a specific address. With today’s tech, our phone are practically appended to our bodies, and your service carrier likely does not share your personal information – including your address – with local authorities.

Boulder and Larimer Counties provide reverse 911 via Everbridge. It does not matter if you live in Boulder, Longmont, Loveland, or Fort Collins, the process is the same! Visit Everbridge and sign up for an account. You will be able to tell them where you live, and provide a number of different ways (including multiple number where they can reach you in an emergency) to connect with you during an emergency. (The link above will display Longmont-specific logos, but you can use it no matter where you live. If you want to receive reverse 911 calls in Boulder or Larimer County, the link above will work!).

If you have any questions or trouble signing up, please contact me.

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