Why I Pay for Professional Photos for My Sellers

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First impressions matter, especially in real estate. It’s why I pay for professional photos for all of my sellers. When you’re getting your house ready for sale, you work your tail off to make it as appealing to prospective buyers as possible. You complete all those little 30-minute tasks that have been staring you in the face for years. You washed the walls, deep-cleaned the pantry, and depersonalized your house so anyone can imagine living there.

It’s no small thing to get a house ready for sale.

After all that work it’s tempting to think you are ready to hit the market and desire to minimize further expenses. Maybe you heard your Realtor friend in Iowa just uses her cell phone and sells lots of houses. Don’t do it! I have seen some terrible real estate photography in Boulder County.

Would you entrust your aunt to take your wedding photos? I don’t think so. Skipping professional real estate photography is a mistake – a potentially costly one. Homes without professional photos tend to sit on the market long and attract fewer buyers which can result in a lower sales price. A staggering 97% of prospective buyers start their home searches online, before they even meet with an agent.

You want to put your home in the best light possible, and no one can jazz up the way your home looks online better than a professional photographer. In fact, it’s so important for attracting prospective buyers that I pay for professional photos for my sellers. It is an investment in your success.

A Real Life Side-By-Side

Consider the two photos below. One is by a professional photographer, the other is by yours truly (using my best effort, lining up my shot with the photographer’s, and taking the photos at the same moment.)

It’s not hard to guess which one was taken by a pro! While smartphones have made it easier than ever to take photos, relying on professional real estate photographers can make a significant difference in the success of your sale.

Look at that second picture. Notice how inviting, clean, and open it feels? Does it draw you into the space? Does it spark part of your imagination as you perhaps consider what it might be like to visit? It’s the exact same space at the same moment in time, yet one likely makes you more interested in visiting. It strikes an emotional chord and positive connection to the home.

While we like to think that big purchases like buying a home result from rational thought, that’s not the case. Buying a home is, in part, an emotional decision, and you want your home to evoke happy emotions when people view your home online.

Getting the maximum number of qualified buyers into a home helps ensure that your time and investment pay off. Work with me and I will be sure we don’t skimp on the details that really matter.

When you’re ready to think about your next move, please reach out.

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